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Where does our recycled paper come from?

As we become more aware of the environmental impacts of products we buy, we should also consider the chain of custody & manufacturing process that is used

Hence, we thought we would attempt to answer some of the common questions we are seeing people start to ask here at Re-wrapped.

All of the papers we use at Re-wrapped are certified as 100% recycled by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) who conduct extremely exacting and detailed audits on the production of the paper, from the pulp source to final product.  This results in a certified Chain of Custody that guarantees the paper is 100% recycled.

What paper pulp do you use when making paper?

The paper we use is made from 100% de-inked pulp. The pulp is produced at the leading provider of choline free pulp in Europe and is based in France, with 20% of the post-consumer waste originating from the UK. The pulp is made with post-consumer mixed office waste paper which would otherwise have gone to landfill. To be credited as being recycled all of the pulp for the paper must be reused material.

This mill is ISO9001, ISO14001 and FSC certified.

Is it already pulped? Where is it sourced?

The pulp is provided to a sister mill in France which is ISO9001, ISO14001 and FSC certified and it here that the actual paper is made.

What is the process you take to turn it into wrapping paper? What ink do you use?

The paper is made as very large reels and then cut to certain usable sheet sizes. These sheets are then lithographically printed using vegetable oil based inks to provide the finished product.

Is it possible to recycle your wrapping paper to make new wrapping paper?

All paper that is suitable for recycling can be recycled a certain number of times before the paper fibres become too short. Generally paper can be recycled up to about 5 times.I

Have you thought about using waste wrapping paper as a source of paper pulp?

Paper that goes for recycling is de-inked and pulped. It is not segregated from other paper sent for recycling.

It is also worth pointing out that wrapping paper that goes for recycling must be free of any sticky-tape and without any foil or glitter, so remember to remove this before you put it into the recycling bins.